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Aaron Tarbell
Success Manager
Andy Amin
Partnerships Territory Manager
Archana Manuel
Partnerships Territory Manager
Ashley Compton
Bill Collier
Account Executive
Brandon Lapomeray
Brandon Shivers
Director of Learning and Development
Brittany Jakubik
Success Manager
Brittney Hoff
Success Manager
Caleb Francias
Northeast Account Executive - Small Districts
Casey Kooiman
International Account Executive - EMEA
Chris Zieba
Senior Engineer
Christopher Simmons
Strategic Account Manager
Craig Jones
Co-Founder & CEO
Cynthia Glover
Account Executive
Danielle Walton
Implementation Specialist
Dave Auwarter
Senior Director of International Sales
Dobes Vandermeer
Senior Engineer
Eddie Aprahamian
Lead Data Analyst
Elisa Bartolomeo-Damon
Success Manager
Emily Fischvogt
People Operations Coordinator
Erica Everett
Senior Account Executive - West
Eva Brown
Implementation Coordinator
Faith Sparrow
Vice President, Revenue Operations
Hallie McCormick
Customer Success Manager
Holly Sharrett
Director of HR
Hyun Woo Paik
Senior UX Designer
Jessica Blackburn
Success Manager
Jessica Peluso
Sales Operations Associate
Jill Whalen
Senior Customer Success Manager
Jonathan Bay
Regional Manager, Partnerships
Jonathan Mann
President of Partnerships & Success
Juliann Green
Success Manager
Justin Kresevic
Proposal & Funding Manager
Kartik Sridhar
Revenue Operations Associate
Katie Gillott
Client Success Manager
Katie Rush
Success Manager
Kayla Koch
Senior Product Designer
Ken Ranosa
Software Engineer
Kevin McFarland
Co-Founder & COO/CFO
Kevin Miller
Revenue Enablement Manager
Kylie Cavanaugh
Quality Manager
Lauren Sprowl
People and DEI Manager
Lily Alvarez
Client Success Manager
Manuela Pop
Software Developer
Marc Alexander
Account Executive
Marc Bove
Account Executive
Matt LaBonar
Senior Recruiter
Matthew Wheeland
Partnerships Territory Manager
Melissa Bohorquez
Success Manager
Miguel Suarez
Mike Farnes
Director of US Sales
Monica Jauregui
Client Success Manager
Nat Jabbawy
Product Design Director
Neta Raz Studnitski
Senior Quality Manager
Norm Crandall
Senior Full Stack Developer
Paul Sheppard
Partnerships Territory Manager
Paula Frappollo
Senior Account Executive
Rebecca Worden
Director of Implementation & Operations
Remy Oukaour
Software Engineer
Reza Dawson
International Account Executive
Robin Nagpal
Robyn Gerard
Quality Manager
Rory Taylor
Director of Content Production
Sana Gabula
Chief of Staff
Sara Cowley
Success Manager
Sarah Hall
Success Manager
Sarah McGull
Success Manager
Sergio Ramirez-Diaz
Client Support Specialist
Shawn Hopkins
Marketing Manager
Stephany Beaver
Senior Recruiter
Stephen Hudon
Senior Implementation Specialist
Ted McElroy
Senior Account Executive - Midwest
Tiffani Latrell
Quality Analyst
Tom Ribeiro
User Experience Designer
Veena Agnihotri
Client Success Manager
William Lewis
Senior Full Stack Engineer
Yong La
Software Engineer
Zoe Osherow
Success Manager

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