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Be part of a team that’s changing education.

Education is the best way to close the opportunity gap, and significant improvements will undeniably change the world for the better.

Our amazing team is remote and embraces a diversity of people, ideas, talents, and experiences.

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Our Mission

Empower educational stakeholders to accelerate learning.

Our Vision

One day, schools will not have to use summative assessments as the primary way to understand student learning.

Our Values

Formative's company values embody who we are and how we work.

They guide us through internal collaboration, customer relationships, and even the design of our product experiences. Our values drive our mission forward with intent that leads to impact.

Intentionally Inclusive

We strive to create togetherness by celebrating every voice on our team and the unique experience of each of our customers.

Sincerely Empathetic

We care and show understanding for the experiences of our team members and stakeholders in education.

Purposefully Impactful

Our work helps stakeholders in education be highly effective; we can create maximum value for our customers and stakeholders when we deliver on our mission.

Continuously Learning

Everything we do brings an opportunity to learn something new; by learning, we grow.

Generously Informative

By sharing openly and deliberately, our communication powers information-driven decisions that propel us forward; intentional visibility enables accountability, inclusivity, and vital collaboration.

Always Celebrating

We celebrate a community that takes pride in wins of every size, cheering on each other and the customers we support.

Meet The Team

Working hard to ensure that our students, teachers, and schools grow!
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Ted McElroy
Norm Crandall
Hyun Woo Paik
Danielle Walton
Elisa Bartolomeo-Damon
Manuela Pop
Jessica Blackburn
Brandon Lapomeray
Remy Oukaour
Sarah Hall
Sarah McGull
Matt LaBonar
Sana Gabula
Juliann Green
Christopher Simmons
Justin Kresevic
Sara Cowley
Bill Collier
Emily Fischvogt
Miguel Suarez
Cynthia Glover
Ashley Compton
Craig Jones
Eddie Aprahamian
Zoe Osherow
Erica Everett
Aaron Tarbell
Marc Alexander
Veena Agnihotri
Kylie Cavanaugh
Katie Gillott
Reza Dawson
Jessica Peluso
Alex Harper
Caleb Francias

Our Perks

Flexible Time Off
In order to give your best and have a well-balanced life, we all need to take some time for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Our Flexible Paid Time Off provides maximum flexibility in planning for and taking time off for vacations, volunteering, sick, and personal needs.
Paid Holidays
Company-wide, we observe 10 major holidays each year. We also offer employees additional days to observe other holidays of their choice.
Paid Parental Leave
If you are adding to your family, we offer Paid Parental Leave.
Work from Home Stipend
Need to improve your remote work setup? Use our one-time work from home stipend to add an extra monitor, an ergonomic chair, or something else that will help you stay productive and comfortable.
Insurance Benefits
We have multiple medical plan options, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Account, dental plan, vision plan, short-term & long-term disability, and life-insurance options. If you don’t need our medical coverage, we offer a $100/month health-coverage stipend.
Saving for the future
Set aside funds for your retirement planning through our 401(k) plan with a generous Company match.
Company Stock Ownership
All employees receive stock options from the Company.

Our team is 100% remote

We participate in E-Verify: click below for participation information.

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