Enhanced Functions and New Question Types

December 15, 2021

The Good Stuff

Whether you're checking student progress, sequencing formatives, or using new question types, these updates will help you stay on top of everything! Let what matters most take center stage: your students' learning.

Drag-and-Drop Questions

Engage students with new Drag-and-Drop question types! Students will see a bank of answer choices that can be selected, dragged, and dropped into the correct answer space.

Formative Sections

Sequencing questions according to topic adds a layer of organization for both teachers and students. Teachers can group topics together even while randomizing questions, and students will see randomized questions topic-by-topic.

Hot-Spot Questions

Hot-Spot question types allow parts of an image (or text) to become answer-choice options. One example: assessing students’ map knowledge. Hot spots can appear on various parts of the map, and students will then choose the correct parts as they respond to targeted questions.

Student-Progress Bar

Students can now track their progress throughout an assignment if they check the bar at the top of their screen. The progress bar also groups sets of questions that correspond to functionalized content; this function helps students manage their overall progress.

Rubric-Template Management

Tired of spending time creating the same rubric again and again? Teachers can now create and manage rubric templates as they assemble formatives. These templates are easily accessible from each newly created rubric question. Teachers can also edit existing rubric templates for constant alignment.

Additional Changes

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes for 11/3/21:

  • Resolved: report of Rubric not allowing a 0 mark.

Bug Fixes for 11/19/21:

  • Resolved: automatically graded questions will update correctly if the teacher selects an alternative correct answer.
  • Resolved: single-view questions can be randomized.

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