An Upgrade to the Formative Library

September 30, 2021

The Good Stuff

Share, publish, and get the content you want more easily in the Formative Library!

Share your work with the world

Each published formative and folder now has its own dedicated page in the library with links to share directly with other educators. Post links to social media, and follow links to preview content before adding it to your account!

Publish multi-layered bundles

It’s now possible to publish nested bundles to the Library. By publishing a folder that contains sub-folders, each folder is published and can be added by teachers as a whole or individually, or even just grab a single formative. Great for sharing units across departments!

Follow the breadcrumbs to find more

Now every formative and folder page in the Library has clickable breadcrumbs. Find a formative you like? Click the breadcrumbs to view the entire folder it lives in!

Additional Changes

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes for 9/9/21

  • Resolved a validation error where clicking "Let's Go!" during sign up would not do anything.
  • Fixed a bug where you can complete signup without selecting a school, even if you say "Yes" to "Are you working in a school"
  • Fixed a bug where if you go through the signup flow (refresh the page on the last step of signup), you can end up in a state where clicking "Let's Go!" doesn't do anything, with no user feedback. This is because there was actually a hidden validation error as the app expected a school to be selected.

Bug Fixes for 9/2/21:

  • Multiple site down reports is now resolved! An installment of a new firewall to protect us from attacks led to some unexpected failures.