User Experience Updates - Making Your Life Easier

September 30, 2021

The Good Stuff

Fewer clicks, clearer settings, MS Teams integration, and easier communication with your students!

Sync Classes with Microsoft Teams Classroom

If you use Microsoft Teams, you can now import classes and students without having to manually add or create them! If you’ve already created classes, you can even link your Microsoft Teams classes to the existing classes in Formative.

Create and view classes more quickly

We've made updates to the Classes page! Click anywhere on a class to reveal the roster. When creating a class, enter the information you need without scrolling or thinking about a class abbreviation.

Switch between Student and Teacher Paced Mode

Now when you've ended a Teacher Paced session, you will see a "Restart" button. This will allow you to bring students back into Teacher Paced mode. Perfect for letting students work independently before bringing them back together to review as a group.

Send feedback on unanswered questions

Previously, feedback was only possible if students had answered a question. Now, you can initiate the conversation with your students at any time! Great for sending notes about a question or providing resources to students in advance.

Set your default language in your profile

As a teacher, you can now go to your profile settings page, scroll down, and select your language from the drop-down menu. This will override any settings in your browser. Changing the language will affect any text on the Formative website -- buttons, menu options, etc. -- but not any content added by the teacher to individual formatives.

Additional Changes

Bug Fixes