New Functions, UI Settings, and More

February 18, 2022

The Good Stuff

Whether you're using new functions, checking out the UI settings, or trying out new question types, these updates will help you stay on top of everything! Let what matters most take center stage: your students' learning.

Admin Log-Out Privileges

Under the “Teacher Report” tab, administrators can now log out teachers from all sessions using the three-dot menu by the teacher's name. Note: the logout may take up to 15 minutes.

Time-Extension Accomodation

Teachers can set global accommodations on the student level; they select this setting from the "Classes" tab, and the accommodation will then apply for the student across all classes and formatives. The student will see the corrected time that includes the extension. Furthermore, the teacher can edit the time extension on that specific formative for that student.

UI and Visual Improvements

Members can underline the current question on student view. In addition, we’ve made recent adjustments to appearance, color, and new-class avatars as part of ongoing design-system updates that will evolve over time. They will reduce clutter and visual noise so that you can focus more on content and data.  For example, the Preview "eye" has been replaced with a Preview button. The custom header colors have also taken on a new, more vibrant palette.

Video Length Increase

Teachers can now record or upload videos with a maximum length of ten minutes.  Video and screen recording will now stop automatically after ten minutes instead of after two minutes. When uploading, the platform will truncate videos to ten minutes in length.

MathLive Updates

When creating numeric questions, answers default to the original keyboard, with an option to change to MathLive. If the MathLive keyboard is selected, members can’t change back to the original keyboard. Students should see the same keyboard their teachers used to create a question.

Quicker Class Creation

Teachers can now create a class via the formatives dashboard!

Special Enhancements

Students' Google Avatars will now accompany the student's name if the student has an assigned avatar in a connected Google Classroom. In addition, we’ve added Special Education (SpEd) as a category to the demographic data tracker. Finally, members can now set the tracker to query a school's OneRoster data by clicking “Total Percentage” in View Responses.

Additional Changes

Bug Fixes

  • 1/25/22: Resolved - Corrected Clever login authentication error. Clever members should no longer experience kick-outs.
  • 1/25/22: Resolved - Improved Login Sessions page to load faster and reduce “spinning.”
  • 1/26/22: Resolved - The recent scrambled ordering of questions in the View Responses tab.
  • 1/28/22: Resolved - Rubric template points now update automatically when applied to a question; members will not experience scores greater than 100%.
  • 1/31/22: Resolved - Improved section mobility: members should see fewer glitches when moving questions from section to section.
  • 1/31/22: Resolved - Members can retroactively correct rubric points.
  • 1/31/22: Resolved - Members can stop questions from moving when they change the question type.
  • 1/31/22: Resolved - Platform reflects correct Teacher-Paced vs. Time Limit settings.
  • 2/9/22: Resolved - Batch grading has been improved to ensure that teachers can change a single grade without affecting others.
  • 2/9/22: Resolved - The error message will no longer appear when adjusting teachers’ default Assign Options.
  • 2/9/22: Resolved - Questions on a functionalized video will print as expected.
  • 2/9/22: Resolved - Members can copy questions on functionalized items in sections.
  • 2/11/22: Resolved - Sections should remain in place when members make a copy of a formative.
  • 2/11/22: Resolved - The student preview should no longer render "blank" sections.
  • 2/18/22: Resolved - Questions in View Responses should maintain the correct order and should not be affected by moving around sections or questions.

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