New Question Types!

November 1, 2021

The Good Stuff

Five new question types have been added to Formative: Fill-In-The-Blank, Inline Choice, Match-Table Grid, Hot Text, and File Upload!

Fill In the Blank Questions

Create a cloze-type question with multiple "blank" answers for students to fill in. You can set multiple correct-answer possibilities for each blank space and can even allow partial credit and partial match.

Inline Choice Questions

With inline choice, you can create a cloze-type question using a dropdown menu of choices from which students can choose. Add multiple dropdowns to the same question, and allow partial credit with Formative's powerful auto-grading feature.

Match-Table Grid Questions

A Match-Table Grid question - also known as a Matrix - is a group of multiple-choice questions displayed in a grid of rows and columns. With this question type, students can select a single answer choice for each row inside the grid.

Hot Text Questions

With Hot Text questions, students can demonstrate understanding by citing evidence; they click highlighted text in a sentence, paragraph, or extended reading. In addition, teachers can define questions to allow a single choice or multiple choices.

File Upload Questions

Students can respond to your question by uploading a file! This question type is great for submitting projects and presentations; you can also use it to collect photo responses.

Additional Changes

Bug Fixes

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