Time student feedback and gain better control over your Formatives

August 15, 2021

The Good Stuff

Share Library listings

Clicking a library listing will now open it in a separate page with a dedicated URL. Bundles will do the same and list all formatives within. This makes it possible to link a specific library listing without adding it via clone code or share link. Share your work with other educators more easily than ever!

Delay Feedback

Delay Feedback is now an option, allowing teachers to send feedback after a formative is closed. Assign settings should read "Keep Visible (no edits allowed)" and "When Closed" for Return scores. This makes it even easier to give summative feedback on tests and quizzes.

Move formative items

Ever wish you had even more robust control over how you navigate and re-organize your Formatives? Well now you do! Similarly to the 6 dot click-and-drag control at the top left of a questions or item, now by clicking on the triple-dot menu on the top right you can find the new "Move" option!

By selecting the new move option from the drop-down menu, you have the freedom and flexibility to re-organize your items and formative with ease.

Additional Changes

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes for 8/19/21:

  • Multiple reports of generic message "Oops something went wrong" issue is now resolved!

Bug Fixes for 8/18/21:

  • The grading slider / box to type in a score on an individual response disappeared. The issue is now resolved.

Bug Fixes for 8/6/21:

  • The Force Submissions modal was not showing the correct date and time for submission. This has been fixed.