Video Timestamps, Rubrics, and New Question Types

October 1, 2021

The Good Stuff

This is the big one. Ever thought how nice it would be to tie questions directly into a video? Well now you can with our brand new Video Timestamp feature, it allows you to add markers inside of a video to pause at certain points and reveal questions for students to answer in real-time.

Video Timestamps

Teachers can now add a question at a particular time-stamp for an uploaded video content type. Students will see that the questions are associated with that point in the video.

Use a rubric

Rubrics are now available for Free Response, Show Your Work, Audio Response, and Video Response questions! Simply click “Use Rubric” to build a rubric for your question. Want to reuse rubrics? Remember to use the “Choose from Library” option.

Copy and paste into Show Your Work background!

When you are editing the background for a Show Your Work question, you can now copy and paste an image from your clipboard. Simply click on the canvas, then paste. No more need to use the Add Image modal!

It works for text too! Copy the text you're looking for, then select the text tool, click, and paste. It's that simple!

Preview more content on the View Responses page

Any content connected to a question, even through content uploads, will now show in the question preview on the View Responses page. You can see even more question information, such as answer keys, standards, and point values by clicking the three dots.

Additional Changes

Bug Fixes