Reactive to Proactive

Reactive to Proactive

7 Strategies for Transforming Your Classroom with the Power of Real-Time Feedback

As school and district leaders, you want to ensure that and your teams are providing meaningful feedback that accurately reflects where each student stands on their educational journey. Formative’s real-time feedback model does just that: it helps educators - across all grade bands and disciplines! - see exactly what students know - in the moment, when it matters most - and then provide immediate interventions.

Aimed at teachers, students, district leaders, and other educational changemakers, this comprehensive playbook details seven strategies for using Formative that will transform teaching and learning through the use of real-time feedback.

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Discover the power of real-time feedback and how to implement it into your classrooms today. Formative centers the learning experience and provides you with high-engagement tools and comprehensive data. In real time, you can give your students targeted interventions, high-quality feedback, and personalized support!

The result?

Increased depth of knowledge and understanding, as well as greater confidence across all grade bands and subjects. Students will make informed decisions as they learn, and educators will save time as they grade and plan lessons.

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